How to Play the Cello

Learn cello at any age.

Language: English

Instructor: Jenny Downs


Why this course?


This course will take you through step by step instructions on how to successfully learn how to play the cello with good technique and quality sound. This course is ideal for an older beginner, meaning a child that is 8-10 years old or older, a teenager, or adult. Private lessons are the ideal way to learn such an intricate instrument. But after teaching privately for 18 years, I have learned there can be financial constraints, scheduling and timing issues, and a higher demand for cello now than ever, making it difficult to find a well-trained teacher. After having to turn away student after student, I decided to put my years of teaching and training to an online accessible learning format so that more people can learn one of the most beautiful instruments in the world. You can do this course at your own pace. This course will teach you all of the technique you need, from how to sit, how and where to hold your cello and your bow, to how to set up your fingers and get a lovely sound. You will learn scales, how to read the bass clef, and several songs that will have you feeling comfortable playing all the strings and fingerings in 1st position. Typically, the material here will be learned and mastered over the course of 9months-2 years in private lessons, depending on the age, practice time, and previous musical background. In my current studio, that cost would range from $1080-$2880 depending on the length of time. This course is available at a fraction of these costs, AND you can do it your own pace.

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